I have worked in the Canadian medical cannabis space for the last four years and have had the pleasure of working with many different key cannabis opinion leaders. Dr. Caroline MacCallum brings a level of passion of caring for patients who have many times run out of treatment options for their chronic conditions. This tenacity to find solutions to help these patients reach their goals to be more productive and functional, is inspiring. My conversations with Caroline motivate me to learn more, do more and improve the care I provide my patients.
— Michael Boivin, Clinical Pharmacist, Consultant, and CME Developer

Dr. MacCallum is an internal medicine specialist with expertise in complex pain and cannabinoid medicine. She is a clinical instructor in the dept of Medicine; adjunct professor in the faculty of pharmaceutical sciences program, and associate member in the dept of palliative Care at the University of British Columbia. She is the medical director at Greenleaf Medical Clinic where she has assessed and developed cannabinoid treatment plans for more than 2,000 patients using legal medical cannabis approved by Health Canada.

Her publication Practical Consideration for Medical Cannabis Administration and Dosing is the first of its kind on medical cannabis dosing. She has presented internationally on the topic of cannabis and is the expert for several medical cannabis courses; has qualified as a medical cannabis expert and testified in arbitration for a claim involving a challenge to Health Canada’s 24-hour rule for cannabis impairment.

She is working with university research groups, hospitals, health benefit programs, provincial and national committees to create; cannabis guidelines, safe THC prescribing practices, clinical trials, patient registries and adverse event monitoring.

She is particularly interested in studying cannabis as a substitute for opioid and polypharmacy reduction, standardized product and testing, and impairment.